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Stem cell therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

July 18, 2014, 9:13 am

“Although not yet widespread in orthopaedics, the use of adult stem cells to address musculoskeletal conditions is an intriguing concept,” states a recent article by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Regenerative medicine specialists, like myself, have been seeing profound results using stem cell treatments for musculoskeletal pain and feel that it is far more than an intriguing concept. It is a reality that’s already showing great promise for many patients. I’m thrilled to say that recent studies have begun to demonstrate profound improvement in degenerative disc pain similar to the results we have seen in joint disease.

Current Therapies for Degenerative Disc Disease

Dr. Scott Brandt, ThriveMD

Dr. Scott Brandt, ThriveMD

Current options for therapy for degenerative disc disease range from non-invasive therapeutic exercise to more invasive surgical procedures. In the following couple years, we believe we will see autologous stem cell injections become an effective, frequently employed modality that will greatly contribute to the minimally invasive treatment options. We have already begun to see early improvements in pain and function in the patients we have treated thus far for back pain.

Stem Cells Are Changing Medicine

Stem cell therapies are a fascinating addition to modern medicine and are showing enormous potential to treat a wide range of conditions. They demonstrate the ability to treat many musculoskeletal conditions, e.g. herniated discs, damaged joints and cartilage, and orthopedic conditions such as ostheonecrosis, nonunion fractures, and arthritis. Moreover, stem cells have recently begun to demonstrate success in treating challenging and often progressive systemic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, varieties of chronic obstructive pulmon            ary disease, Type II diabetes, Chron’s disease and a number of other autoimmune conditions. Regarding stem cell therapy for DDD, studies have been showing improvements in disc height and hydration, which in turn has the potential to restore function and minimize pain.


These initial studies are compelling and have us excited to continue advancing the techniques that will improve stem cell therapy and treatments for spinal conditions.  I have spent 20 years treating spine pain and became fascinated with stem cells with the hope of non-surgically reducing debilitating back pain.  I believe in the coming years that minimally invasive spinal stem cell procedures will begin to replace many of the spinal surgeries being performed today.

With offices in Vail and Aspen, Dr. Scott Brandt of ThriveMD practices leading edge regenera­tive medicine. He offers stem cell treatments, bioidentical hor­mone replacement, PRP treat­ments, IV nutrient therapies, medical diets and liposculpture. To find out how this exciting new field can change your life, contact ThriveMD at 970.766.8245 or visit the website

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